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A property maintenance company, Eurotek offers top quality management, execution and maintenance services for HVAC, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Infrastructure related projects. Based in Dubai and established in 2005, Eurotek has been successfully maintaining properties , both individual homes as well as complete buildings and commercial facilities for the last decade.


Property maintenance is not a one-time task and we at Eurotek understand the technical nuances that go into the several aspects of pre, during and post owning a property. Our services range from basics like Air Conditioning maintenance to high-end specialist services like site maintenance and energy conversation consultancy. Clients can completely rely on our integrated approach towards facility management solutions and our constant want to ensure that we offer custom services that fit their specific business needs.


Apart from our property maintenance projects, we also work with  commercial cleints providing solutions for Outside Broadcast Vans, Chiller Vehicles, Mobile Homes and Caravans. We aslo undertake major installation projects for cooling systems for factories , warehouses and buildings.


We derive our strength from the deep knowledge of our experienced industry professionals and technical consultants who ensure that clients get beyond the best maintenance services for their assets.


Our services are not limited to just property maintenance management in the pre-settling phases and we ensure that we are available for our clients on an emergency call-out basis.


Eurotek believes in providing clients with a smooth asset maintenance process and thus, provides a comprehensive array of service solutions ranging from breakdown to corrective measures as well as planned and preventive maintenance works. This inclusive approach helps us create a work rapport with our clients from day one where we assess every aspect from their physical environment to business profile as well as their existing operational work flow. This approach towards our projects has helped us achieve a strong positive reputation.


Just as we work on  providing solutions for clients, we pay keen attention to our in-house working methods and ensure that our staff are well trained and upgraded so as to offer high value to every single client they interact with. This allows us to bring you a wide variety of gold-standard services round-the-clock.


With Eurotek, our clients can be rest assured that they never have to worry about maintenance or enhancing the value of their property again. Our team of Carpenters, Plasterers, Electricians, Plumbers and other technical specialists have proven experience both in dealing with new buildings and in repairing, remodelling or renovating existing properties.


We provide a personal quality commitment to all jobs and have direct involvement in day-to-day progress and quality control.

For a full list of our services including support and maintenance for your businesses please see the Our Services section of the website.