Q. Why should I choose Eurotek Experts?
A. Eurotek has a reputation of providing complete facilities maintenance. We have been in business since 2005 and in the last decade we have managed to completely revamp and maintain properties. Our experience and in-depth knowledge helps us to understand every issue that may occur on-site and we consistently work towards earning the trust of our clients by professionally providing apt solutions that may come up with client assets.
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Q. What type of projects do you carry out?
A. Eurotek offers top quality management, execution and maintenance services for HVAC, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Infrastructure related projects. Based in Dubai and established in 2005, Eurotek has been successfully maintaining properties for the last decade.


Q: What characteristic sets your company apart from other property management companies?
We have a team of consultants and dynamic technical supervisors and engineers who ensure you have no hiccups in maintaining your property and that it works efficiently and cost effectively , exactly the way you like it. Our mobile unit vans help us to be available 24×7 with prompt solutions.


Q: Why should I hire a professional facilities maintenance company to care for my rental property?
A: If you are very busy and lack the time or the understanding of the technical issues in managing any of your real estate assets, an expert from Eurotek can help you add value to your investments and bring yu peace of mind. What’s more you will have happy tenants who will renew their leases with you again and again.


Q. Do you have special teams to take care of on-site projects?
A. Yes, we have specialist teams specialising in air conditioning , electrical and plumbing services based in mobile workshops spread across the city to ensure that help reaches the site within minimum time periods. We are also available on-site 24×7.


Q: Will I know what is going on with my property?
A: Yes. We will communicate with you throughout our agreement and keep you aware of any issues that may arise. We will contact you at reasonable times to discuss repairs and notify you of every single issue that has been resolved in your property.


Q: How often are inspections done at my property?
A: Before a new resident moves into your property, we recommend you do an inspection and repair and repaint your property . Thereafter we recommend you take out an Annual Maintenance Contract where we can maintain your A/Cs every quarter and handle an agreed number of emergency call-outs free of charge.


Q: Do you handle problems late at night and during weekends?
A: Yes our technical team is available on call 24×7 and will try to solve any issue that crops up with your property in minimum time frames with a cost-effective approach.


Q: Can you start maintaining my property today?
A: Yes. We can start the process immediately. To set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your property in detail, please Contact us.