Lets Make This Summer Green

Lets Make This Summer Green

Lets make a difference this Summer little changes in our daily electricity and water consumption habits can make a huge impact.

Together, Let’s take action and make Dubai green.

We depend on electricity and water in almost every aspect of our daily lives, and it’s our responsibility to use it wisely. Simple changes in your lifestyle and daily habits can have a positive impact on the environment and help you save on your utility bills.

Peak Load

Electricity is used the most in Dubai between 12-6pm during the summer. This period is known as peak-load hours. Limiting the use of non-essential appliances during peak-load hours means electricity can be provided more efficiently and reliably. This also saves the additional fuel used to generate electricity which in turn, helps to protect natural resources, and reduce carbon emissions.

Air conditioning consumes a large portion of the electricity generated during peak hours. Reducing the use of air conditioners also reduces electricity bills, while increasing the overall reliability and efficiency of the power network.

Save Water

Leaks can cause significant wastage and damage to property. Check for any potential leaks in your bathrooms, kitchen, reservoirs, and swimming pools.

If you have a garden opt for smart irrigation systems to cut down on consumption. Up to 50% of all water used in the home is for watering landscapes with the average property owner over-watering by 38%.

Smart irrigation systems can reduce water bills significantly as it takes into account seasonal, soil, plant and weather conditions to reduce over-watering.


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