We believe that a dynamic team brings a strong professional energy to the company which in turn trickles down to the entire work force and augments success. We work with a wide variety of consultants in the field of architecture and interior design.


We also have specialists in fields such as painting, form work, blue prints and drawing designs as well consultants who can help clients with getting approvals for their projects from the Free Zone Authorities and Dubai Municipality. They work closely with clients to coordinate, develop and implement the entire project.


Bringing with them years of industry experience, our specialists often work together to bring out the best possible solution in the least amount of time.


We have access to Australian and Italian architects who can help clients design their homes, remodel them and upgrade them in order to secure improved values and better aesthetics.

Eurotek can also arrange to get all the approvals needed from the authorities such as the Municipality, DEWA and Trakhees which helps save a lot of time, hassle and money.

Energy Saving Specialists

Our expertise coupled with our access to specialists in this field enables us to conduct an energy audit of client property and suggest solutions to manage energy consumption by improving the efficiency of Air Conditioning units including the distribution of cooling and intelligent use of insulation to prevent chilled air losses from your property.

Apart from the above, clients can also approach us for their Solar Energy needs. We are experts in fitting solar panels for Residential and Business properties and linking them to the

UAE grid enabling clients to sell back surplus electricity to ETH utility company.

Interior Designers

Our interior designers are highly experienced and talented. On our Consultants’ board, we also have designers who are local television celebrities who carry out home upgrades at different budget levels.

Holistic and well-being Designers

We understand that owning a property or asset is a big achievement in anyone’s life. And for our clients who believe and want to savour the flow of energies around their home or office we have Feng Shui Master Criselios Falconis who can re-orient their premises and decorate it in a fashion to attract the positive energy flows which will translate in to prosperity and abundance.

Working in conjunction with suppliers of natural products and health specialists, we cantransform your home or office to a healthy environment which will reduce illness andexposure to toxins.

Eurotek will also carry out in depth cleaning of ducting, water tanks, measure air flows and install water filtration systems which will transform your lifestyle.

Furniture Designers

Our Italian craftsman will restore and renovate any wood furniture items clients may have, including a chic look. We also help clients carry out any carpentry works they may wish done such as fitting in-built cupboards or bookcases.